WMOC2019 newsletter March

Dear WMOC2019 participants! Thank you for registering for WMOC2019!
We, the organisers’ team, have got a lot of things to do now to be ready when the July comes. However, we have also prepared some updates and news for you. Looking forward to summer and WMOC2019!

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Registration and payments
If you have settled the payment, your name should be on the list of participants: please check.We remind you that you can edit your own entry: add or modify the SIcard number or order a service (car parking, transport, t-shirt).Please write to info@wmoc2019.lv in case you detect any inconsistencies or errors.The next entry deadline is March 31, 23:59:59 in Latvian time zone (GMT +2)

Parking for buses and mobile homes
If you plan to come with a camper or club bus,parking price for camper (or minibusmax.9 places) is 25 for 2 days in Bumbukalns and bus parking price is 45 eur for 2 days in Bumbukalns. In Garezeri(long final) parking for campers is 8 eur and for buses 15 eur. Event CentreOn July 4 and July 5 Event Centre will be located on Technical University premises in Kipsala. Starting from July 6 the Event Centre will be located in hotel Bellevue. Here also organisers buss will start both to models and competitions.

We have found an excellent place for this year’s WMOC banquet – Restaurant Kliversala in the National Library of Latvia. The building of Gaismas pils (which translates as the Castle of Light) was  built in 2014 and is one of the newest and most impressive buildings in the 21stcentury Latvia. It is located next to the river Daugava, within a walking distance both from Old Riga and WMOC Event centre. Restaurant Kliversala is a high quality restaurant for everybody to enjoy both food and atmosphere! Banquet tickets can be ordered on Eventor. If you want to be seated together at one table with your clubmates, you should order tickets by sending your request to inese.bajaare@gmail.com. Ticket to banquet costs 50 eur.

WMOC2019 partnership with All4O.com
You and your friends are going to love this news! We have partnered with the global online orienteering goods retailer ALL4o.com, allowing providingour participants with special deals for orienteering equipment.In partnership with ALL4o.com we offer you bonusmoney of EUR 20 (in form of PROMO code), that you can use for your next orienteering equipment purchase at ALL4o.com. In addition to EUR 20 bonus money, you will also receive a FREE 10cm wide sports headband with ALL4o design.Website:www.ALL4o.com PROMO code (to be used at checkout):we have sent it to your e-mail! Terms & Conditions:
  • All purchases qualify for FREE worldwide Registered Airmail shipping;
  • All purchases to Non-EU countries are Tax-free (-21%);
  • All purchases receive a free gift product –10cm wide sports headband with ALL4o design;
  • Offer is valid till the July 12th, 2019;
  • Minimum total order value EUR 100,--(subtotal before VAT tax);
  • PROMO code can be used once by one customer;
Feel free to share this Promo code to your family & friends. More about WMOC2019 partnership with ALL4o.com you can read here.

Looking for a training in a map similar to WMOC2019 ones? You can order a map and explore on your own. Visit WMOC2019.lv/training for available maps. There are both sprint maps in Riga and forest maps around Riga available. If you are a group coming for training, our training team is ready to plan your coursesand put out controls for you. Please write to trainings@woc2018.lv and discuss your needs. If you are at the right time at the right place, you can also use for training several orienteering events happening in and around Riga this spring. The ones taking place in terrains similar to WMOC are listed in http://wmoc2019.lv/training/.

It is smart to book your accommodation as soon as possible as closer to summer prices usually get up in Riga.  WMOC official hotels are listed in www.wmoc2019.lv/accommodation and some of them will be fully booked very soon.  We have also added a budget accommodation in the webpage.

WMOC souvenirs
Running shirtsAlready for some time it is possible to order WMOC2019 running shirts. They are specially designed for hot July weather! There are 3 different colours available. To be sure to get your favourite size and colour it is advised to order them in Eventor.  There will be also shirts available for sale in Events centre but limited number, of course.

Today we also announce something very special –the WMOC2019 SPORTident ActiveCard(SIAC). Developed for fast and contactless timing, this year there will be a strictly limited edition of the SIAC especially designed for WMOC2019.

SIAC’s will be produced and shipped after order is processed. So you can use your new chip at all races before WMOC to become best prepared to the champs! Latest order date is June 10th and latest pickup is at your arrival in Riga. You can order your SIAC right now in Eventor. In all competitions at WMOC2019 we provide contactless punching. You can use both types of SPORTident cards – the classical SI cards and contactlesss SIAC.

To order your WMOC2019 SIAC card follow these steps:
1)Go to your entry in Eventor and click on to add WMOC SIAC card to your services.You can pick up your card in WMOC Event centre (choose “Buy WMOC2019 SIAC card in EC”) or have it delivered to your address (choose “Buy WMOC2019 SIAC card delivered”). Pay with PayPal or bank transfer, together with your other payments or separately. Price for the SIAC card is 65 eur.
2)You will be automatically assigned SIAC card number from this range: 8xx2019or 82019xx. If you prefer to customise your number, you should go to https://sportident.com/reservation/#!/configure-card/0 and choose WMOC SIAC. You can change your Ident number in Eventor to the new one till June 1 or we will do it for you when you arrive in Riga and get your new SIAC card in Event centre! Other souvenirs will be available for sale in Arenas.

Opening ceremony
Opening ceremony will be on July 6, right after the Sprint qualification in Dzegužkalns.

Do not miss the side events that take place just before and right after WMOC! Have you ever tried the indoor orienteering? On July 5 there is a good chance to participate in one – choose your distance and go! If you register online then price is 8 eur.  More information and registration is here: https://www.wmoc2019.lv/indoor-orienteering-event/
Rogaining sounds even more unfamiliar? Try it out on July 13 in Jurmala! Rogainingis a team orienteering competition where teams of 2-3 participants plan and try to visit as many controls (with different value) as possible within a given time limit. More information and registration is here: https://www.wmoc2019.lv/rogaine/
Have not planned yet what to do on the free days?  Have a look on our partners offering in sightseeing section of WMOC webpage: https://www.wmoc2019.lv/sightseeing/


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