WMOC2019 Souvenirs

Running shirts
Already for some time it is possible to order WMOC2019 running shirts. They are specially designed for hot July weather! There are 3 different colours available. To be sure to get your favourite size and colour it is advised to order them in Eventor.  There will be also shirts available for sale in Events centre but limited number, of course.

Today we also announce something very special –the WMOC2019 SPORTident ActiveCard(SIAC). Developed for fast and contactless timing, this year there will be a strictly limited edition of the SIAC especially designed for WMOC2019.

SIAC’s will be produced and shipped after order is processed. So you can use your new chip at all races before WMOC to become best prepared to the champs! Latest order date is June 10th and latest pickup is at your arrival in Riga. You can order your SIAC right now in Eventor. In all competitions at WMOC2019 we provide contactless punching. You can use both types of SPORTident cards – the classical SI cards and contactlesss SIAC.

To order your WMOC2019 SIAC card follow these steps:
1)Go to your entry in Eventor and click on to add WMOC SIAC card to your services.You can pick up your card in WMOC Event centre (choose “Buy WMOC2019 SIAC card in EC”) or have it delivered to your address (choose “Buy WMOC2019 SIAC card delivered”). Pay with PayPal or bank transfer, together with your other payments or separately. Price for the SIAC card is 65 eur.
2)You will be automatically assigned SIAC card number from this range: 8xx2019or 82019xx. If you prefer to customise your number, you should go to https://sportident.com/reservation/#!/configure-card/0 and choose WMOC SIAC. You can change your Ident number in Eventor to the new one till June 1 or we will do it for you when you arrive in Riga and get your new SIAC card in Event centre! Other souvenirs will be available for sale in Arenas.


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